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The Bex & Arts triennial of contemporary sculpture has been in existence since 1981 and has acquired a national reputation. The exhibition, which takes place every three years, has been in place since 1987 in Szilassy Park in Bex, a 19th century English landscape garden where a harmonious cohabitation between humans, art and nature was created and has endured for almost 40 years.

As an artistic window on current events, the Bex & Arts triennial aims to provide an space for reflection and work for contemporary artists in relation to societal issues. The 2023 exhibition will be entitled “Vivement demain!” (Bring on tomorrow!). The exhibition is inviting some 40 artists, designers, architects, musicians, performers, actors, ceramists and video artists to explore the relationship between humans and nature, taking as their starting point Szilassy Park, the location of the exhibition. “Vivement demain!” (Bring on Tomorrow) is a serious invitation to confront, through artistic creation, a future that frightens us, polarizes us, causes us to idealize golden pasts, and contributes to the spread of a paralysing pessimis

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Sophie Ballmer & Tarik Hayward, Rémy Bender & Basile Richon, Vanessa Billy, Notta Caflisch, Audrey Cavelius & Christophe Gonet, Simon Deppierraz, Eik Frenzel & Yves Dreier, Olivier Estoppey, Sonja Feldmeier, Aline Fournier, Fragmentin, Séverin Guelpa & Kunik de Morsier architectes, Lucas Herzig, Luzia Hürzeler, jocjonjosch, Sonia Kacem, la-clique, Marta Margnetti & Xénia Lucie Laffely, Yusuké Offhause, Augustin Rebetez, Philipp Schaerer & Reto Steiner, Pascal Seiler, Camille Scherrer, Moni Wespi, Katia Zagoritis

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