MoorArt – Land Art at Seleger Moor Park

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At this exhibition in the Seleger Moor park in the hidden natural treasure of the Knonau district, there are 15 different locations to discover. In the midst of the unique local plant life, young and old have easy and spontaneous access to contemporary art and culture. Objects specific to the location and space-related interventions enter into dialogue in this fairytale atmosphere. The works react to this special place in terms of content, form, material and colour.

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Micha Aregger (CH), Thomas Bortfeldt, Ana & Vera Sous (D) Notta Caflisch (CH), Shaun Dziedzic (CH), Brigit Edelmann & Stefan Rohner (CH), Michael Hoedjes (NL), Andreas Hofer (CH), Matteo Laffranchi (CH), Heinz Niederer (CH), Peter Pfister (CH), RAAR – Richard Albertin & André Ribi (CH), Florentine Schaub (D), Marion Strunk (CH), Serap Vitarelli (CH), Eva Wandeler (CH).

Programme and special projects

Opening of Season 1 MoorArt23: Saturday, 17 June 2023, 11.15 a.m.

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