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The Vision Art Fund is a unique encounter between nature and art in the breathtaking scenery of the Valais Alps, awarded the Family Destination label by the Swiss Tourist Board.

Our goal is to create public art in the mountains, covering an incredible area between 1,500 and 3,000 metres above sea level.

The well-known Swiss resort of Crans-Montana, with its spectacular 360° view of the mountain plateau overlooking the Rhone Valley and the Valais Alps, provides the perfect backdrop for the contemporary influences of the urban and street art scene. Since 2018, the artists have been inspired by the beauty of the panorama and the incredible light.

We have created a unique artistic walk that can be viewed in both summer and winter. Only time will fade the works and replace them with new ones.

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Vision Art Fund


Over the past eight years, more than 80 national and international artists have participated in the festival.

Programme and special projects

From 24 July to 6 August, you can see the artists at work. The Battle of Styles will take place on 5 August, where 16 artists will compete for a place in 2024. During the festival, you can book a daily tour via the tourist office. Outside of the festival, an organized tour is given once a week. Groups can book a tour by foot, bike or skis with

Vision Art Fund

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