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The third Klöntal Triennale will not be held in Klöntal, but in the Legler Areal building, a relic of the former textile industry in Diesbach, Glarus Süd.

In September 2024, the Klöntal Triennale will temporarily move to the Legler Areal, where it will make a cultural mark. Artistic interventions and performances will deal with the past and the future of the site. They reflect stories of industrial culture and global capitalism – back then, in the midst of (post-)colonial entanglements, and now, in the midst of globalization and digitalization. Models for future social coexistence and work in a digital era are also starting points for the invited artists’ reflections – from the flow of water to the flow of data, from industrial piecework to flexible, hyperlocal jobs, from the movement of people and goods to the transformation of infrastructures.

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